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Art and Censorship

China Channel Firefox Add-on. Aram Bartholl, Evan Roth, Tobias Leingruber.

Iran and Censorship

Rajabzadeh, Ahmad: Book Censorship. review on INDEX on censorship website. 2010/02/12

Mandanipour, Shahriar: Censoring an Iranian Love Story (2010). link to amazon

Internet Censorship

Iranians and Others Outwit Net Censors. New York Times 2009/04/30



Two panic reactions, but an identical outcome: censorship by illumination – a fateful blinding by the light – for the democratic West, and censorship by the prohibition of any divergent representation – the darkness and fog of wilful blindness – for the dogmatic East. [p.260]

The Paul Virilio reader ed. Steve Redhead, Edinburgh: EUP, 2004
‘The Museum of Accidents’, from Unknown Quantity, tr. Chris Turner, London Th & Hudson 2003