Makiko Yamamoto

For the month of October 2014, we are welcoming Kyoto-based artist Makiko Yamamoto at  



Makiko Yamamoto (1979) is a Kyoto-based artist whose work is predominantly site-specific and participatory, focusing on facilitating interactions between people and their environment. She was resident in the UK for some years. And developed works including LOST AND FOUND (commissioned by Past Vyner Street). Her current practice bridges local projects in the UK and Japan. 

MENDING MITO is an ongoing series of projects (since 2012) that address the community of Mito City (Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo) that was badly affected by the 2011 earthquake. For Yamamoto, ‘mending’ encompasses both physical and psychological rehabilitation of a community. The artist identifies children as a key participant group – one that acutely needs to understand and heal, and that can do so with agility, creativity, and optimism. 

Yamamoto’s work has been exhibited as part of group shows across Japan, in Australia, and in France, as well as in solo shows in the UK and Japan. Her practice has led to collaborations with authors, publishers, and schools. She holds an MA in Media and Conceptual Planning from Kyoto City University of Arts, where she also lectures.

A|R|C Collaboration

Recent work of Luksch & Patel has focused on the intended and unintended effects of using technology to bridge distance. Yamamoto’s MENDING MITO project deploys mythology to link communities. Together, we’re using the residency period to lay the foundations for a project that will deploy connecting technologies and local myths to bring together communities in the UK and Japan (through a bilingual children’s theatre production with acts staged in both countries). Intergal to the work will be texts that reflect theoretically on the process and issues arising.  

 12th Oct 2014 17:00 please join us for the public talk by Makiko Yamamoto at, Regent Studios 76, 8 Andrews Road, E8 4QN. info [at] ambientTV.NET

links to exhibitions -  Sweet Revenge, KCUA, Kyoto, Japan 2013, Criterium 84 Mending Mito, Art Tower Mito, Mito, Japan 2012,  Through The Windows, The Russet, London 2012, Lost and Found, Past Vyner Street, London 2011.