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Film director: Manu Luksch
Executive producer: Dara Khera, Paul Bucknor
Featuring: Abaw Buseu, Asseu Somsri Dzuebaw Jupoh, Apho Ratanawichaikul
net.radio: Tarik Thami
Offline editor: Manu Luksch, Anja Kirschner
Online editor: Mariko Montpetit
Graphic Animation: Pierre Valla
Camera operator: Manu Luksch
Research adviser: Dr. Leo Alting von Geusau, Aju Jupoh
Sound: Mukul
Virtual Borders theme track: TJ Rehmi
Additional music: Aju Jupoh

Akha->English: Aju Jupoh
Kantonese->English: Zhen Jiang, Fu Yongshou
Thai->English: Piche Peeyalo
English proof-reading: Mukul, Jessica Goyder, Simian Khera

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email: info[at]ambienttv.net

Film Director & Concept: Manu Luksch

Manu Luksch is a filmmaker who works outside the frame.
In 1999, she founded ambientTV.NET, a crucible for independent, interdisciplinary projects ranging in form from installation through documentary, dance, and theatre, to sound and video composition and live manipulation. ambientTV.NET develops social and technical infrastructure and promotes network architectures that allow explorations of alternatives to current socio-political and economic practice. Techniques and effects of live data broadcasting and transmission provide theme, medium, and performative space for many of the works.

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contact: manu[at]ambientTV.NET

Executive Producers: Dara Khera

Dara has a history of producing music & combined arts events -- e.g. the SITARFUNK club nights featuring sounds of the Asian Underground. He was co-founder of the drumm'n bass music label Sitarfunk, which was engaging in the development of new talents in music and performance on new grounds.

He is currently running the architecture bureau WORK in London.

Executive Producer: Paul Bucknor

Co-producer & Original Idea of THE FULL MONTY (UK 96). Based in Jamaica, L.A. and London, Paul works as script writer and film producer.

Net.radio: Tarik Thami

is a principal and founder of Octopi a technology strategy company that works with businesses and educational institutions integrating new media and information technology. Tarik has been a technology consultant since 1990, providing technology strategy and design solutions for many (US) Bay Area businesses. Between 1995-1998 Tarik managed and executed the Multimedia Studies Program's technology operations and infrastructure development.
Most recently, Tarik was the Director of Technology for New Media and Information Technology (NMIT) at SFSU, providing innovative technology and curriculum solutions for the Multimedia Studies Program, and the Telecommunications and Networking program. In addition Tarik is an instructor at SFSU's Multimedia Studies Program teaching courses such as Computer Graphics and Networked Multimedia. His expertise in new media, technology for education, and the evaluation and integration of technology solutions has been elicited by trade journals, news media and other training programs worldwide.

Featuring: Abaw Buseu

Former Headman of Chaperkeun village in N-Thailand. Co-founder and Head of the Akha Community Group, Chiang Mai. Teacher at SEAMP-International Advanced Student and Culture Training Programme. (This programme gives scholarships to a selected group of Akha students, following higher education in Chiang Mai. It also assists Akha students in Chiang Mai to be aware of their culture and identity, through participation in SEAMP village-related projects and research.)

Featuring: Asseu Somsri Dzuebaw Jupoh and Apho Ratanawichaikul

Akha Radio Presenters at the Akha Language Deptartment of the Mountain Peoples' Radio Station in Chiang Mai.

Sound: Mukul

Mukul is in-house sound artist at ambientTV.NET, where he collaborates across media including film, theatre and the internet. His work is concerned as much with the transmission of sound as its creation; informed by his background in science and Indian music, it plays along the borders between music and noise, rule-bound forms and chance, and technology and tradition. He is currently working on a film soundtrack, a music album in collabortion with Akha musician Aju Jupoh, and a telematic theatre project that features capoeira, spoken word, and live video manipulation.

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contact: mukul[at]ambientTV.NET

TJ Rehmi

As pioneer of the musical movement often referred to as Asian Underground, TJ released several albums at NATION REC., amongst which 'Mindfilters', 'Skrutinizer', 'Mera Theraphy'. He is based in Birmingham.

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Research Adviser: Dr. Leo Alting von Geusau [† 2003]

Founder and Senior Advisor/Researcher of SEAMP-CD-RDI (South East Asian Mountain People's Culture and Development, Research, Documentation and Information programmes). Chiang Mai, Thailand.

UNESCO Expert on Ethnic Minorities in the Maekhong Quadrangle area. 1985- 1991: Cofounder/ co-administrator of AFECT (Akha Association for Education and Culture in Thailand), Chiang Rai; IMPEC (Inter Mountain Peoples' Educational Center), Chiang Mai; IMPECT (Inter Mountain Peoples' for Education and Culture in Thailand) Association, Chiang Mai; The MPCDE (Mountain Peoples Culture and Development Educational) Foundation;
October 1981: Marries Deuleu Dzoebaw, an Akha woman. Born in Netherlands.

additional music:
Aju Jupoh

Aju Jupoh released a music tape with contemporary Akha songs in 96. Since then, some of his songs developed the cult status of an Akha anthem among the international Akha community. Born in Chiang Rai Province.


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