'A film always has an end while reality continues.'

2005 November - Api, Abaw Buseus' wife, dies from cancer.

October - The DVD Virtual Borders is published in eight languages.

Dara runs now an architecture office in London, and Tarik settled in Tokyo teaching yoga. Manu and Mukul are running ambientTV.NET from Vienna, where they exspect their first baby.

February - During the conference and and art show Fly With Me to Another World activists and artists meet in Chiang Mai to discuss what their way of working might have in common. Virtual Borders is programmed by the mobile cinema.

2004. Noriko leaves her position as director of SEAMP/MPCD

The Akha radio programmes in Thailand are reduced from 2 hours/day to 1 hour daily. In 2003, the popular and controversial Akha song writer Aju collaborates with Mukul on a new album in London.

2002 December - Leo Alting von Geusau dies, shortly before publishing his lifetime research, the LIFE CICLE. The NGO is then led by Japanese anthropologist Noriko Higashide.

October - Abaw Buseu dream of writing down the oral history and traditional knowledge is nearly completed: SEAMP he worked with, completed the compilation of archaic texts, and their translation into modern Akha, English and Thai. His grand children are going to Thai school in the lowland.