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Aq kaq zaq ma [We are the Akha]
by Aju Jupoh and AFECT band
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Virtual Borders Theme
by TJ Rehmi (download mp3 / 6.6MB)

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Songs & Sounds from Luang Namtha province, Lao PDR
Luang Namtha province in Northern Lao is, amongst other, home to the Akha people and Black Dai people. These recordings capture the unique atmosphere at the end of the raining season - an Akha man on his way to the valley whistles on a leaf while crossing a forest buzzing with the sound of crickets, in a mountain village a class of school children sing their favourite song on the radio, full moon celebrations at the Buddhist temple, roosters announcing the raising sun ...
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full-lenght transcriptions of all interviews in English


making of... snap shots

Radio Programmes

Access the radio programmes which were produced at TIHA Conference in Yunnan, from 30st of December 1999 - 4th of January 2000.

RealAudio files: in Akha language
Text files: in English
interviews by Asseu Jupoh

additional footage

During my trip to Muang Sing and surrounding Akha villages in Lao PDR, I filmed these sequences, which didn't make it into the documentary film....

Life in Akha villages in Northern Lao (1997) by Manu Luksch from manu on Vimeo.