papers about Virtual Borders

Database Ontology. Masterthesis by Alexander Baratsits [2001]. interview about Virtual Borders in English, otherwise in German language. complete pdf document for download: click here

If the Akha can speak then why can’t they be heard?
Dissertation/BA by Jessica Goyder. Westminster University 2001.
The use and impact of the media by the Akha, a tribal minority in South East Asia. Partly based on interviews taken during VB production.
online version [without footnotes]: click here
complete pdf (Acrobat Reader) document [4MB] for download: click here

Mirella van Markus: Questionnaire for PhD on Online Documentary. about VB. July 2001


Leven in de brouwerij, in: De Groene Amsterdammer van 25-11-2000

'Observations about the TAKEOVER: Disturbing slowness in speedy times'. in: ars electronica e-zine. 2001. by Andreas Hirsch

City Events, in City Life, Chiang Mai, vol13 no 02 Jan 2004

"Großer "Diagonale"-Preis für Bruchs "handbikemovie" " in: DerStandard 06.März 2004 (by APA)

more about Hani and Akha by the same crew...

Virtual Borders or Digital Divide? essay for net.congestion 2000 by Manu Luksch

Our Man In London CD album by Aju Jupoh and Mukul (in progress). Contemporary interpretations of traditional Akha songs.

Die visuelle Symbolik der Akha
master thesis by Manu Luksch [in German language]. Akademie der bildenden Kuenste Wien 1997

Das Akha Netzwerk / The Akha Network. an essay by M. Luksch (1997)

Laos und die Angst vor dem Cyberspace. by M. Luksch. [in: Telepolis Magazine 1997]

Dzahl Tav Zaq Saq: Music video for Akha children. song by Aju Jupoh. video by Manu Luksch.
(premiered at First People's Festival, Montreal, June 99) GB / A 1998, 7 min, Betacam.

South East Asian Mountain Peoples' Culture and Development Programmes SEAMP-CD, Chiang Mai (website supported by ambientTV.NET and silverserver)

Golden Triangle: a cooperative of over 200 Akha women of villages from Thailand and Myanmar, which aims at distributing their textile handicrafts themselves. (website supported by ambientTV.NET and silverserver)