Aju was born and raised in Saen Chaeroen Akha Village in North Thailand. He was Director of the NGO AFECT in Chiang Rai. The songs of his first music album, Aq kaq zaq ma, are played a lot on Akha radio and popular in all Akha Villages across Thailand, Laos, China and Burma. Aju is currently artist-in-residence at ambientTV.NET, working on musical projects which interpret traditional wisdom about the way of life as the Akha have transmitted it from generation to generation over the centuries.



Our Man in London [in production]

The music in this album derives from the Life Cycle recitals (Oer Zar). It is based on traditional Akha songs. They deal with circle of life and agriculture in the villages up in the mountains. The rhythm changes depending on the location - whether the songs are sung in the village, in the fields, or in the forest - and on the occasion, such as the return from the rice fields, or flirting in the village square in the evening.


Translator and Consultant for the documentary film by Manu Luksch.


Aq kaq zaq ma
[We are the Akha
by Aju Jupoh and AFECT band

Producers of this CD were Todd (Tong dee) Lavell and Aju Jupoh. The songs are online as Real Audio, as well as translated from Akha language into English.


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