when/where/what? *festival participations & events by ambientTV.NET members,
*happenings at ambient space [2000-2002]                                       
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[pix][txt][vid][aud] 15 /12 / 2002: Mukul @ Ethno Arts & New Electronic Funkx, WUK Vienna
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 5-7 / 12 / 2002: Manu & Mukul@ WEAR ME!, Norwich
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 22/11/2002 : Mukul behind the decks @ SWARAJ, Ocean
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 29 / 11 / 2002: Roney Frazer-Munroe in conversation with Manu @ b.tv festival Sheffield (Forum)
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 20/ 20 /11 / 2002: The Spy School exercise: Manu, Mukul, Michael and special guests Jaromil [dyne.org] and Gavin premiere this party intervention piece at the opening of video zone/ VIDEO BIENNALE, / Digital Art Lab, Tel Aviv, Israel.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 16/ 20 /11 / 2002: INS: Manu+Mukul @International Necronautical Society Second First Committee Hearings: Transmission, Death, Technology
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 09/ 11 / 2002: "Excited Volumes" / Liverpool Biennale. STATIC GALLERY. Excited Volumes is concerned with the image and interface of craft, manufacturing, industry and cities in the 21st century. Driven by radical innovations in industrial and information technology, the symposium examines how the built part of the data revolution is taking shape. Symposium participants include Kathy Battista (Artangel); Martin Francis (RFR, Paris); Manu Luksch (ambient TV.NET); Mark Morris (Architecture Association); Dr Martin Sharp (Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre); Eline Strijkers (Strijkers, Rotterdam), Michael Uwemedimo
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 08/ 11 / 2002: Manu @ Liverpool Biennale, England's Streaming A Pre-FACT Centre opening project. The aim of the seminar is to present an overview of online DIY broadcast cultures (and their wider social applications) and to explore potential directions in the future.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 07/09/ 2002: Mukul at FM radio FRO's 4th anniversary celebrations at POSTHOF, Linz
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 18/09/ 2002: Ilze & Manu @ Tactical Media Lab. Imagine IC, Amsterdam
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 13/09/ 2002: ICA/Colchester Arts Centre/Norwich Arts Centre: ambientTV.NET's Manu & Mukul participate in CLUSTER, launch event of futurephysical and expanded multi-streamed club night experience.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 07/09/ 2002: Stealth Waltz by Manu & Mukul as part of Kingdom of Piracy: net.art exhibition, Taiwan 2002. launched at ARS ELECTRONICA
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 10/08/ 2002: D O W N L O A D 'N' D A N C E Weekender. The Boxing Club, Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 11/07 - 19/08/02 T-SHROOM @ IBID project space - social networker T-shroom is brought to London by ambientTV.NET in collaboration with Primitive/OPEN, Riga, Latvia
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 26/06/2002: ON AIR/ 1st radio show. live from ambient space (London) & simultanous re-broadcast on FM radio FRO, 105MHz (Austria)
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 21-23/06/2002: Manu & Mukul @ FM radio FRO , DJ & VJ workshop and @ SUVARA radio FRO Stattwerkstatt Linz/A
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 15/06/2002: Manu@ COMMUNITY MEDIA SUMMER FESTIVAL, DIY STREAMING panel, Leeds/UK
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 15/06/2002: Ilze @ Critical Design Discourses 2. Campaigns / Counter Campaigns, De Balie, Amsterdam.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 06 / 06/ 2002: the intercontinental lounge session with DJ Zakhm, Mo, and Mukul at the ANGEL on the Lower East Side, NYC.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 30/05/2002: Mukul DJ-ing at THE SHRINE vs ANOKHA at The Studio, 144 Charing Cross, London
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 27/05/2002: 7-late, Mukul DJ-ing at ARRHYTHMIA at bridgeandtunnel, Shoreditch, London
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 26/05/2002: Ilze @ panel on The Future of DJing. VJ - A celebration of 21st century live video art. Ocean, London E8.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 24/05/2002: I LOVE YOU Party at ambient space
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 23/05-22/06/2002: ANTI-FASHION art show: White Space Gallery shows work by Victoria Buivid, Olga Chernysheva, and ambientTV.NET . London
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 20/05/2002: CLEAR SPOT radio art show by Mukul on air at Resonance FM 20-22.00 CET
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 23/03/2002: META4: sound performance by META4 at ambient space
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 28/03/ 2002: CREATIVE LINK, Truman Brewery London
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 24/03/2002: Mukul@ Conference on South Asian Aesthetics "Unrapped", Royal Opera House London
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 24/03/2002:Ilze@ DIY Omni Antenna Testing at ambient space
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 12th Oct 2001: Arabian Nights 2002
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 12th Oct 2001: TELEJAM02/FRO03: audio-visual online jamming for clubbing and FM radio in London-Riga-Linz-FM-WWW 2001
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 12th Oct 2001: Manu @ BLOC Seminar on Convergence. Innovation Centre. Wales.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 09-16th September 2001: Manu @ Art Servers Unlimited 2. Zagreb, Croatia.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 01-08th September 2001: Manu @ Ars Electronica. Culture Channel|radioqualia. Linz, Austria
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 25-26th Aug 2001:Manu @ Edinburgh TV Festival. Alt.News panel.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 21-22nd Aug 2001:Manu @ tech_2. Bristol
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 4th-1th of August 2001: Manu & Mukul @ Acoustic.space.lab. Latvia
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 17th of July 2001: Telejam01. Public Life. London.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] July 2001: Mathias aka Kertal [MIKA] visits ambientTV.NET
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 15th- 17th of June 2001: Manu & @ Art + Money. Interfund Seminar. Stockholm. Sweden
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 24th of May - 5th of June 2001: Party Animal Farm. Riga, Latvia.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] May 2001: Faction/Mondial/Ambient at Shacklewell Studios, celebrating new issue of VERTIGO.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 24th of March - 3th of April 2001: Please Disturb Me. Art exhibition at Great Eastern Hotel, London.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 26th - 29th of Nov. 2000: International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Docs Online.
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 6-8th of Oct. 2000: net.congestion, International Festival of Streaming Media. Amsterdam/NL
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 24-26th of Aug. 2000: ART+COMMUNICATION 4. International New Media Festival. Riga/LV
[pix][txt][vid][aud] 12-19th of Aug.2000: Manu @TransitZero, International Documentary Film Festival. Liepaja/LV