T he narrative and technical framework for MYRIORAMA was developed through a series of work-in-progress, flipflop, and TRyPTiCHON 1.0 and TRyPTiCHON 2.0.

The story to be told as telematic performance piece featured a character that had two bodies: the present one inside the vennue, and his past / future persona outside the venue. Conceptual and technical investigations involved audio/video streaming over 802.11 wireless networks using wearable PCs (XYBERNAUT MATC), real-time video and audio manipulation and movement studies: breakdance (Ajay Naidu) and Capoeira (Michael Uwemedimo). [report pdf, 700 KB; 11/02]

During TRYPTICHON 1.0, which was set up at DMZ Festival London as participatory installation, the technical framework for the envisioned inside-outside live link using GPRS enabled PDAs in combination with GPS and data interpretation in MAX/MSP patches was developed (David Muth). [report pdf, 550 KB; 11/03]; The roamers coded their different emotional interpretations of their journey by tagging the GPS data. The tags were then interpreted and used to modify the traces on screen.

TRYPTICHON 2.0 was presented at the Kiasma Theatre in Helsinki as part of Pixelache 2004: Audiovisual Architecture [photos 04/04] and introduced the spacial mapping of the roamer's narration and choreography (Hanna Ylitepsa) that dealt with three notions of space: I, You, They.

For MYRIORAMA, ambientTV.NET formed a partnership with kondition pluriel to bring in their long-standing experience in choreography and responsive environments.

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