wireless mini cams



The cam to the left is a wireless colour Kingfisher Mini-Cam (2.4 GHz) , which comes with receiver box; the cam to the right is a night-vision enabled B/W cam connected to a DIY CH59 Cable Video Transmitter (434 MHz) which we soldered together ourselves. The best manual for it I found at http://rf-links.com/man1.htm. However, that construction was not suitable for exposure to heavy movements as we put it to use (on the performers body).


Liz and Michael, are playing Capoeira, about 100m away from the receiver box, the further away the more colour noise (which I like).


B/W cam

colour cam


Spy School 2 Agents Michael Mukul Liz Manu




exercise #2

took place in Kingston upon Hull, an important British slave trade harbour, outside the house of William Wilberforce, a leader of the Abolitionist movement.




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