Four positions about media in Israel and Palestine.
[interviews by Manu Luksch,
Nov 2002- Jan 2003]

edited radio programme

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Galit Eilat ...
[Director Digital Art Lab, Holon]

1. ... about the Digital Art Lab in Holon"> 2. ... about the lack of a critical media culture in Israel
3. ... about 'political art' as recent phenomenon
4. ... about the current exhibition Story Agent: the role of technology as extension of our senses and experience
5. ... about her future plans for the Digital Art Lab


Momo ...
[indymedia, Tel Aviv]

1. .1. ... about indymedia, a group using communication technology for social change. indymedia works to broaden access to media production, opening space for critical debate.
2. ... about The Occupational Journal, a video documentary dealing with issues in the occupied territories.
3. ... about the difficulties facing activists in the Occupied Territories: denial of access, arrest and mortal threats.
4. ... about various indymedia programmes on the open access / community TV channel in Tel Aviv
5. ... about the necessity of democratising the media through active and open participation
6. ... about the importance of sustained and mediated dialogue --and the link between its absence and the continued violence.
7. ... about 'VJing for social change'
8. ... about the pro + contra of a boycott on Israeli organisations by the international community
9. ... about difficulties of working in the Occupied Territories – where it is difficult to movement is severely restricted, where soldiers take cameras for weapons and where all civilian infrastructure has been destroyed by Israeli military action.
10.... about the limited exchange and circulation of information in Israel
11.... about the use of the Memorial Siren on the sound track with images of destruction in the Occupied Territories in the Occupational Journal
12.... about the fine line between regulation and censorship in the media
13... Momo about Momo – 2 keywords: Cinema and Society.


Ronni Shendar ...
[Alternative Information Centre, Jerusalem]

1. ... about the work of the Alternative Information Centre in Jerusalem - the analysis and dissemination of data which provides a richer context for current political and military affairs, and the publication of 2 magazines: From Within, and a Hebrew quarterly
2. ... about the website of the AIC which focuses on original re-interpretation and analysis of all available information and news regarding Israel
3. ... about collaboration with indymedia Palestine
4. ... about indymedia
5. ... about the project Ronni is heading: analysing and feeding corporate media with stories in formats more likely to be disseminated – the significance of the popular media as a strategic instrument (2’10”)
6. ... about the Israeli mediascape (40”)
7. ... about efforts to establish ACI as an alternative information source which balances the bias of the official line of the Israeli Defence Force. (1’40”)
8. ... about ACI’s advocacy on behalf of leftist activists, PR support and the provision of tools for self-promotion. (59”)
9. ...about the felt ambivalence of boycotting events in Israel
10.... about art as a platform of political discussion
11.... about the Israeli-Palestinian collaborative practice of the ACI office
12.... about herself


Nisreem Abu-Zayyad
[Palestine-Israel Journal]

1. ... about the variety of governmental, private and foreign media
2....about the development of media infrastructure in Palestine
3. ... about Palestinian media as voice of a state, symbol of independence
4. ...about the two Palestinian TV channels, local and satellite, as well as other commercial private TV channels
5. ...about the media as mere tools for the political systems, in Israel as well as Palestinia
6. as political tools
7. ...about the importance of the internet in Palestine since the second Intifada when curfews disrupt daily life
8. ... about social life, studies and work online when neighbourhoods in Palestine
are isolated or disconnected
9. ...about access to the internet in Palestine
10. ...about daily life in Palestine being consumed by the the political situation
11. ...about her work with the Palestine-Israel Journal, an English-language quaterly magazine
12. ... about the destruction of Palestinian media institution by Israeli military and the missing basis for Nisreem to work from by her return
13. ... about the total lack of objectivity in Israeli media
14. ...about difficulties to obtain press cards
15. ... about discrimination of Palestinian journalists
16. ... about emaotions and objectivity in journalism
17. ... about the potential of media to bring the two people together
18. ... about the future Palestinian state, and the possibly positive role of media in it