AV DINNERS: live and online audio/visual gastronomic event produced by ambientTV.NET with artist-cuisini╦re Vitamin AA

::: the video AV DINNERS / EPIC EROS was shown at CONTEMPORARY VIDEO ART, The Yo Below! Video Art Gallery in Edinburgh from 3rd - 24th of August, 2003

AV DINNERS ::: Combining the fine traditions of TV cookery shows and extreme gastronomy in a sensory networked cook-in, hungry artists gather to reinterpret rituals of food preparation and to serve a succession of ambrosial dishes to overload the senses of live and remote participants. The AV DINNERS gastronomic extravaganza will be led by the notorious epicure Vitamin AA, assisted by his able auxiliary, Koko di Mari. Lux will provide flashes and glimpses, and Mux the cable spaghetti and slurps. Aur-or-al poetics will be courtesy of Shane Solanki (Ninja wordsmith, no less!). But beware: Vitamin AA's dishes are crafted to loosen corsets, set tongues wagging, and unhinge minds without mercy. So, whether you're joining us online or cunning enough to win the extreme menu challenge and be with us in person, be careful whom you bring along ... licentiousness and depravity are almost inevitable. Bon App!

QUIZ ::: The four cunning winners of the online quiz (with cryptic clues about extreme
foods) were served dishes at ambientTV.NET's skyline studios in East London:
Jane Willis, Adrian Gothard, Andrew Humphrey and Masashi Fujimoto.

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>ONLINE + REMOTE: quadruple audiovisual streams flow from ambient space, elaborating the sensory experience and decrypting the cooking process

Simultaneously, a number of picnics are taking place as far afield as
Helsinki and Baghdad. A chat channel enables remote participants to engage
the dinner guests in prandial discussion.

Finland: at art space MYYMÄÄLÄ in Helsinki, Mechelininkatu 12-14 for a simultanous feast with London!

concept, performance and production by ambientTV.NET
flavours and textures -vitamin AA assisted by koko di mari
flashes and glimpses - lux
gurgles and burps - mux
aur-or-al poetry -shane solanki
streams - agent gav
third eye - cloe mercier
flash animation - Margaret Moser
commissioned by moonradio
as part of their summer season SEX FOOD POLITICS