ON AIR provides a platform for emerging musicians particularly from the Middle Eastern and South Asian communities, to get their music heard and present them to the local community and the wider world. Programme content will revolve around genres such as ≥Asian Underground≤, that fuse traditional and club music.

ON AIR is a series of live radio shows simultaneously streamed on ambient radio (London Wireless network and internet) and re-transmitted on FM radio FRO, the independent radio station in Linz, Austria.

Programme development are at ambientTV.net studios in the East End of London.

If are a musician who likes to showcase on this programme, or if you like to re-transmit our stream on your FM station, please contact us at info@ambientTV.NET


ON AIR is starting its series of radio programmes with

at CET 7 - 11 p.m.Wednesday 26th of June 2002.

The first programme, GEOGRAPHY IS HISTORY [?] with special guest Shane Solenki aka Milky Bar Kid and host Mukul, focuses on physical migrations of music - music that has slowly evolved as it was carried around the world. For example, gypsy music from India travelled through the Middle East and East Europe and fed into flamenco in Spain. And West African music gave rise to Blues in America, out of which sprang jazz and hip hop.

The next programme features the sounds of composer Akshay Pandit. Watch this space!

links to interesting initiatives in East London in this field:
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