CET 7 - 11 p.m.Wednesday 26th of June 2002

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ON AIR is a series of music programmes broadcast from the ambientTV.net studios in East London, simultaneously on the internet and on FM 105.0 in Linz, Austria. The theme of the series is "GEOGRAPHY IS HISTORY [?]". Expect music ancient and modern, traditional and experimental, smooth and fractured, playful and profound. The programmes will be more concerned with following trajectories and movements rather than defining categories.

Joining the hosts Manu and Mukul in the first programme will be special guest DJs Osmani Soundz and The Milky Bar Kid. Mukul, Osmani Soundz and The Milky Bar Kid all worked together at the groundbreaking ANOKHA club nights in London in the late 1990s. Spearheaded by Talvin Singh, Anokha helped establish the "Asian Underground" music scene. But long before this scene was popularly recognized, Osmani Soundz ran a sound system and produced hardcore and jungle records that drew on his Bangladeshi roots. We'll have exclusive music and words from him later.

Shane Solanki, aka The Milky Bar Kid, aka The Chocolate Child, aka Mr. Shonuff, aka aka . . . is a global beat-hopping cybergypsy who has recently travelled with The Big Chill Festival, Ninja Tune, and Anokha. He is also a wordsmith responsible for much of the linguistic trickery and perverted dictionaries that you can find on Ninja Tune record covers.

Mukul will begin the show by focussing on physical migrations of music - music that has slowly evolved as it was carried around the world. For example, gypsy music from India travelled through the Middle East and East Europe and fed into flamenco in Spain. And West African music gave rise to Blues in America, out of which sprang jazz and hip hop. After sets by Osmani Soundz and The Milky Bar Kid, Mukul will end the show with music that is more fractured and displaced.

Also keep your ears open for exclusive tracks from a group of Afghanistani musicians based in Voecklabruck who were recorded live at Stadtwerkstatt on Sunday.

If you listen in online join the irc chat session @ /server beethoven.kewl.org /join #ambient #ambient is the channel

contact MUKUL or MANU in London, for Re-Broadcasting-Details in Linz contact BARBARA . special thanks to Gio and deckspace for streaming support!

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