In May 2000, Britain's new national museum of modern art, Tate Modern, opened to the public. Tate Modern displays the Tate collection of international modern art from 1900 to the present day. Tate Modern also has a wide-ranging programme of talks, films, conferences and symposia involving artists, critics, writers and academics. Highlights 2000 presents key moments from Tate Modern's opening public programme, which ran from May 2000 - December 2000.

HIGHLIGHTS 2000 was produced for the Webcasting Programme at Tate Modern. [copyright Tate 2000]

produced by Ambient Information Systems 2001.

project management, video postproduction, interface design: Manu Luksch
encoding: Gio D'Angelo
coding: David Muth, Thomas Willomitzer
jingle: Mukul
voice over: Paul Khera
design consultency: Axel Stockburger