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[AmbientTV after party]

[Great Eastern Hotel]

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Saturday March 24, from 8pm
where? you should know...
ambientTV after-party

Floor1: nutrition: Eastend deli,
wine: best Austrian (provided by ACI)

Floor2: sounds
DJ Tankred Moss (Pomelo)
Dj Amal
d.j. d.a.f.
DJ Mukul
DJ Nauris
and others

Floor3: film screenings
I.K.U. by Shu Lea Cheang
Deep Throat by Ascii Art Ensemble

Ambient TV presents: Channel26 programme
Motoko Ohinata, F5, Bureau of Inverse Technology, Richard Wright, Shu Lea Cheang, Franco B, Derek Ogbourne, Andree Korpys and Marcus Loffler.

cAmbient TV: broadbandit highway


Felix Trust invited the PDM artists and supporters to a lovely dinner at AURORA. 14th of May 2001. For photos, click here.