ASU2: Back to the future - forward to the past?
Manu Luksch/Armin Medosch, London, August 2001

I) Institutional questions and the social fabric

In 1998 a small conference called Art Servers Unlimited was organised in London by Manu Luksch and Armin Medosch. In lack of a better word we called it "Art Servers", adding "Unlimited" to refer to the unlimitedness of networked communications. We did not really want to limit by definition what an Art Server is, but quickly a few characteristics and a common understanding emerged. Art Servers were not just about art but about supporting and providing a platform for new forms of digital cultural work which often (however, not necessarily) combines elements of art and culture, activism, alternative technologies, journalism and research. Some ASUs were running also physical spaces, which served as open laboratories, cafes, meeting places, focus of local and international scenes. But apart from such generic characteristics it is still true what Janos Sugar said at his keynote speech at ASU1 in 98:
"Every single organisation or initiative represented here [London] is a fine tuned response to an actual local situation."
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