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has a long journalist career: he was the editor of The Independent, a columnist for the Observer and The Express. Recently he has been appointed Political Editor of the BBC. He is one of the outstanding journalists with social and environmental commitments.

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founder of The Body Shop, a company which 25 years later is still driven by her commitment to social responsibility, environmental and animal protection and community trade. Her aim of reforming business education has led to the development of The Academy of Business, a Masters degree course at Bath University.

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is a Jungian psychologist and a full-time writer with deep interests in philosophy, theology and spirituality. He was a Catholic monk in religious order for twelve years and then a Professor of Psychology at Glassboro Sate College, New Jersey and at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

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is an Indian physicist, philosopher, feminist and tireless environmental activist. She was involved in the women's campaign against the destruction of the Himalyan forests, the famous Chipko movement, and now works in the movement to protect biodiversity and prevent the patenting of seeds in India. Recently she gave one of the BBC's Reith Lectures.

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is a poet who brings his perspectives on creativity into the field of organisational development in business. He has led naturalist, anthropological and natural history expeditions all over the world, and brings this wealth of experience to his poetry, lectures and workshops.

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has spent the last thirty-five years in Africa giving the world extraordinary insights into chimpanzee behaviour. Her scientific findings have revolutionised primate studies. Her work with the Jane Goodall Institute continues to urge for protection of wild chimpanzees and to improve the lives of those in captivity.

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is co-founder and Director of the international Jubilee 2000 Coalition in Britain. Her work advocating the establishment of Jubilee 2000 across the world has resulted in a powerful global campaign: Jubilee 2000 is now organised in over 60 countries. She has written extensively on international debt issues.

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is a member of the 10 Downing Street Policy Unit working on social exclusion, welfare, family, urban, government reform and other issues. He is one of founders of Demos, described by The Economist as "Britain's most influential think-tank", and much of his earlier work is published by them.

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is Editor of Resurgence magazine and Director of Programmes at Schumacher College. He was a Jain monk before joining the Gandhian movement of land reform in India. Later he walked for peace across continents covering 8,000 miles.

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is Programme Director of Forum for the Future, an organisation working with business to achieve sustainable development. He is also closely involved in the UK arm of the science-based sustainability initiative The Natural Step. He was Director of Friends of the Earth.

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